Dear Mr. Burton & Employees,

We want to say thank you for your kindness.
You all were so nice to us. You don't find that kind of kindness in the world to much.
You all were so thoughtful. Thank you all again and God bless you all.
(P.S. We're the ones that broke down in the Chevy van that you towed in on Rt. 17. Thanks again)

"Mr. and Mrs. George Rowe"


On Oct 5th my mother and I visited your shop after breaking down on the highway. We were treated with some of the best customer service ever. You and your crew should be very proud of the job you do!

"Dorothy Christy, Palm Beach, FL"

To all,

I appreciate all your help on my Honda van with the battery cable problem. It was so nice of you of you to be kind to a stranger passing through. It shows that there are still good caring people in this world. May an angel always be with you. Grateful for you,

"Mrs. Linda Benton "